How to toast Girl using Igbo Languages

Here is the best way for you
To learn how to toast a girl
With Igbo languages,

Step 1

Make sure you near the girl
And try to tell her this
Nne ahurum gi na anya?

And she will respond back
Said how or why ?

You will said to her
Ihunanya m nwere na ebe ino na ewu
Dika oku…
And she will say “keedu nke bu kwa oku”
You will tell her she’s beautiful girl
Infact you love her pass your mother
And she will be

You will tell her
That you want to be her boyfriend
You will tell her to meet her
At night,

When she meet you at night you will fall in love with her

Or ask her for dating or
Relationship or


Call any girl you want to toast
Call her near you and tell her
Nne afurum gi na Anya
Karia Nne gi

Oga asi gi na keedu udi ifunanya ohu?

For friends (oyii)
And she will said let me
And think for it!

After she will notify you
She will tell that
She’s ready
For your request
And you will

Fall in love with her
Anytime you want


Any girl you want to toast

Send her notes that you

Are interested in her
So that she will not be scared

Tell her baby I love you?

And she will tell you kuddu otu oo

You will tell
To date with you




Flirting with you!

After toast her normally and

Pour Ice Water on her

Fall in love with her as you want


How to toast Girl with igbo languages

You will tell her to date with her
Or flirting with her
Love her as you want enjoy her
Don’t stop loving her


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