It’s no news that the sultry actress had her kids back to back — three kids in three years with zero spacing.
Ovwe Medeme caught up with MJ who revealed she told her husband “it was a hit”.
Mercy Johnson said, “That is why we had to take time before the fourth one. I think what has taken me this far is basing my decisions on a scale of preference. I love what I do, I adore my husband. I adore my kids. So every time I have to make a decision, I have to think about which is more important and I start from there. I understand that the home front is more important. So I manage the home front and then create time to do what I love to do. I think that has helped me get this far. The balancing has helped me so much.”
When Medeme asked, “How soon should we expect the fourth one?” Mercy replied sarcastically, “Coming soon” – like they say in the Nigerian movie industry.
Meanwhile, peep Mercy’s figure and how did she get her post-baby bod back so quick?