Asake Unfollow Wizkid & Burna Boy | Nedu Expose Bbnaija x Phyno

Asake Unfollow Wizkid & Burna Boy | Nedu Expose Bbnaija x Phyno

Asake Unfollow Wizkid & Burna Boy | Nedu Expose Bbnaija x Phyno #asake #wizkid #burnaboy

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  1. Asake is a full grown man and can do whatever he wants with his social media just like how you do whatever you wants on your social media especially youtube channel.

  2. You are coded always in support of wizkid, who wizkid helps, pls let Asake be, he has every right to unfollow anybody he is an adult .it is here we rate people high, in a broad no body see anybody, all this entitlement should stop especially from you

  3. Lol 😂Adams Links how can you wear native cloth and gucci face cap 🧢 😂😂😂 I can’t stop laughing 😂 😂😂 Well, I wish you good luck I pray your meeting goes successful as planned 🙏🙏

  4. Asake as the personal owner of his social media accounts, he have every right to follow and unfollow anyone no matter your personality… After all he's not the first Nigerian artist to do that, only when our top celebrities learn how to behave matured the younger ones will follow suit Everytime follow and unfollow who dem eep…. Less I forget pls borrow me that your Gucci face cap e go too fit me jare

  5. But right before, what big brother is made for?
    Big Brother is made for advertisment, and Big Brother doesn't care about what you are advertising.
    Some are advertising their music, acting or other sale and buy buy like ashawo and others.

  6. Adamslink nor know d story 😂😂sometimes lucky dey run against person,nor be children dey let remove ooo😂😂me of a person wey bleed 🩸 after pills 💊 still Dey baby nor remove,some the baby go hide for back 😂😂😂

  7. you’re so right adam. People use that “you want to be like me” to justify rubbish attitude. No! these people, these runs girls don’t tell you what they do for their sugar daddies. there was this article about sugar babies in Dubai, and they said that they go through a lot to get money, and it affects them. it’s degrading, disgusting and downright consequential as a human, let alone as a woman. i would rather work everyday of my life, than to be degraded the way these men degrade these sugar babies.

  8. The reason why people don’t want the full video is because you talk about the juicy topic from the start which is not good for u ,talk about the less topic ones then the juicy ones will come at the end that way your audience will follow you through till you hit the last topic

  9. I was once a fan of BBN den, but this time they have make me to understand that he is enemy of our dear country Nigeria, I ban my family from watching this season because we must make sure we concentrate on this election 2023, if u re are Obidient always switch ur TV channel and watch News instead of distraction, we must make sure Peter Obi win that seat by the power of God Almighty Amen.