Cubana Insulted Chioma So Davido unfollowed him | Ayra Starr

Cubana Insulted Chioma So Davido unfollowed him | Ayra Starr

Cubana chief priest Insulted Chioma So Davido unfollowed him | Ayra Starr

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  1. Adamslink why are you bother yourself over cubanna Oracle for davido.the only true friends and bestie Davido have is Zubby Micheal and Zubby can't be going around with Davido because himself have his own line of business so you guys should forget about cubanna chefpries😢

  2. Mr Man shit up Chief priest is not Chioma brother,he know her from Davido. He have no say in Davido and Chioma relationship, Davido love Chioma which he never hide,he engaged and did her introduction before she birth her child,stop talking rubbish.

  3. The truth is eventually all coming out if you don’t love a person don’t marry them marry for love not for pity that’s basically what he saying he forced Davido no to marry Chama This thing is so sick I never in my wildest dreams that I will see this on social media this is sad and everybody is talking about this on and off social media sad

  4. Cubana did not push Davido to marry Chioma, Davido have always wanted to marry Chioma, and his father always wanted him to marry Chioma. Davido sang assurance on the stage for Chioma, and he is still wearing his ring. Davido and Chioma have no issue so, people should leave them alone. Gistlover story is so fake and does not add up. There is no proof, pictures, evidence, videos to show Amanda was pregnant, Amanda has a daughter already for Davido and, will be very proud to show her pregnancy for David but, nothing like that to show so, it makes no sense that, anything like pregnancy happened.

  5. friends who uses such sensitive phrase such as other women can replace a loss child should not be regarded as friends. You can have another child, wives, partners but cannot have a loss relative back to earth.

  6. I am a die heart fan of Davido. But honestly speaking he should try and put his life in order. I hope this news is a lie which I believe it is. But honestly speaking he should put his life in order.