Hilda Baci Eating Dog | Zinoleesky Fight Seyi Vibez

Hilda Baci Eating Dog | Zinoleesky Fight Seyi Vibez

Hilda Baci Eating Dog | Zinoleesky Fight Seyi Vibez #hildabaci #zinoleesky #seyivibez

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  1. Una Sabi talk nonsense ooo….come to my street…dem dey hawk dog meat for street here in calabar….madam dog mum go n get a better job to do.did they tell u it's pet dogs the eat??

  2. All I see on different social media reactions are just blunt hatred and hypocrisy, some tribes in Nigeria eat dog, goat, snake, pig, birds, cat etc whereas other tribes worship some of these animals and keep them as pets. Make una leave Madam Baci😂

  3. As much as we love dogs 🐕 We should respect people's culture. Hilda Baci's eating dog meat has nothing to do with her Guinness World Records. Her tribes eat dog meat 🍗. And other tribes don't eat dogs. This is a culture shock, They should stop bullying Hilda Baci.

  4. She shouldn't have posted it on social media, if she has not gotten her Gunness world record she shull pray hard.
    This is like village people at work.
    As for me l can never eat dog ,if am aware that they serve dog meat in eny resturant l can never eat there even if their food is free it's a capital letter NO FOR ME.

  5. If we say people shouldn't eat dog because people have it as pet, then we go stop to de eat every kind of meat because these days people keep all kinds of animals as pets including birds; To me anything that is not a human being, feel free to chop as long as it doesn't kill you; person wey de chop chicken, I fit come out say I get pet chicken so let's stop eating chicken and see how it goes; mumu people everywhere, dog my foot.

  6. I live in Europe I love dog but I will never but a dog with my money it will never happen Nigerians is not a lover of dog we are still seeing it's funny with the white people kiss dogs which Dia 👄 God forbid 50%, sickness coming from Dogs

  7. Mr Adam please go to Pastor and just be prayerful because you have a good future you are a rich person they have seen the future being brighter for you so you should not take it likely God just show what they have planned for you I know you are protected by the Grace of God

  8. Let that woman shut up BACI never ask you to post when in break the world record because she making a Mystic you don't do a video to destroy her carria people do eat human beings people should help me to ask that woman that video that she did for you to destroy her carria or to help her out Africa will always be in Africa especially Nigeria don't want anything good from a brother or her sister