Is Korra Obidi’s Choice Of Fashion & Swag LIMITING/SUPPRESSING & SABOTAGING Her Music Talent?

Is Korra Obidi’s Choice Of Fashion & Swag LIMITING/SUPPRESSING & SABOTAGING Her Music Talent?

As an African female in the music industry, there are a million and one things that can limit, suppress, and sabotage their talent. Historically, this is often ignored, dismissed and sexualised. But in the case of Korra Obidi, it looks like her insane flair for soft nudity and scanty dressing is the only thing choking her music career and talent right now. And like any female artist who has worked hard enough to be proud of their music, the mother of two doesn’t seem too happy about the situation despite ignoring all the red flags.
While visiting Nigeria for the 2022 Christmas festivities, the singer jetted out to Accra, Ghana, for a concert she was billed to perform. Unfortunately, the recently divorced dancer was stopped from performing her songs. When she inquired further, Korra was told to assist a male singer as his backup dancer and shake her incredible and talented behind.
What an insult, right?
Well, that is precisely what the Delta princess expressed to her millions of fans in a Facebook Live video after the incident. The Los Angeles-based Belly dancer told fans she has never felt insulted this much in her entire music career.
As it turns out, this is not the first time Korra Obidi has been sidelined in the music space despite making music actively for seven years. In July 2022, in the middle of her bitter divorce, the single mother’s ex-husband, Justine Dean, revealed that she had been passed over for deals, collaborations, and even concert performances she was overqualified for because of her scanty dress sense. According to Dean, people only pay attention to Korra when dancing; after that, everyone thinks she’s a joke.
Is Korra Obidi’s show of nudity the weapon fashioned against her music career? Does this mean the single mother-of-two may never get her flowers in the music industry?
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  1. I love watching korra dance yes…but her singing talent is way up high her voice gives me goose bumps …i love love love her song cruise…she is a star 🌟 girl 👧 to me i love korra…an one day she will surely get there i believe it…an i know korra will soon be in the industry…she will make it….korra x husband is a big fool…..go korra girl…i love that song big korra…i love all of her song.❤❤❤❤

  2. Her dress code can never be a reason why her music carrier has not gone far…many female artists dnt there dress half naked at times??
    Even on music set.
    Abeg make una leave Korra alone,her music carrier go blow in no distance time

  3. Don't bow to the level of the devil Korra, you shall overcome. You don't just dance, tou have tons of talent. Shine Korra, the sky is the limit. Look at other singer and dancer, example,Beyonce, why are they bothering this African Princess.

  4. What a loud of rubbish, you have big artists like niki minja who dresses can be revealing but no body has stopped her career based on her dress code. Korra has not signed onto a record label which can make it harder to get your music played. I think for her doing everything on het own she has done amazing. A good music manager is all she needs to stop the sabotage happening to her from dodgy music companys.

  5. Mexico such style is ok. They like women who shake like she does. And her style of dressing is hurting her. No decent mom wants their daughters to mimic such behavior.. Kora needs to get it together she have daughters. And I hope she doesn't want them dancing and shaking their self all over the internet. That style of dressing she has going is attracting the wrong type of attention. No decent woman want her husband or man being entertained by such moves in front of their husband or man. A diamond is covered. And Kora is not a Diamond in the industry.. In America the female performers are more classic. If she got side line in Africa that should tell her something. She is an embrassment to others who doesn't like that type of dressing and shaking herself all over the stage. The truth must be told. Modesty is better. Kora just try and sell herself in a sexual way.. And her captive audience is men that are into a fling with such person.

  6. All of you are mad 😬
    can you marry a woman who's sharing her kpekus on social media? God forbid
    If Korra even marry at all she can never get a man who will respet her because she dosent respet her body we forbid this kind of abomination in my family.

  7. Freda,all her videos are professionally done in her talents,voice,dancing,etc.She is excellent,shocked the music industry,have not grabbed her to gain endless money,plus make her a tremendous success,but as I said,they will get her into deep sins,so its for a better.Despite the whining,indecent dressing,Kora has a nice personality,a love for children,people,an innocense about her.I like Kora,hope she sings for Jehovah.

  8. How is tiwa savage dressing, even at her age now wit d scandal of true sex videos. The way they are dressing is not good but since they are in the worldly entertainment every of them have their style they like . So is wrong for them to sideline korra

  9. Yes, Korra, will eventually get her flowers in the music industry. Right now, she is just starting out here, in America, but that will change! As for as her appearance, it is just a matter of the African audience getting used to. The Americans audience already accustomed to this kind of skin exposure from some of the Artist here in the USA.

  10. I love Korea she,s a sweetheart she is going too go real far much love too you sweetheart you go girl you got it so show it hon lol much love sweetheart because you are a great and very talented 👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  11. She is amazing young woman , when she is singing she should dress appropriately, when doing belly dancing dress as she likes, but it seems as though she has her dress codes mixed up. She needs guidance , some one whom she looks up to should help her, she needs help, perhaps her sister can .


  13. Can't understand why the American and other music industries are sabotaging,limitting K ora's music as Beyonce,Rihanna,all top singers also dance almost naked,show their private parts,dance extremely immoral,lewd,ungodly, just as her, or even worst.They make more satanic hand signs than her.Kora's voice is just as beautiful,she is beautiful,yet she is not in videos mixes,etc.I believe her rejection is Jehovah's doing as she comes from a christian family and should represent godliness,sing for God,change her dressing,dancing,behaviour to godliness,decency.If she does this Jehovah will greatly support,bless her,increase her prosperity,talents.She has tremendous potentials,abilities,talents,but needs to tone down.Acceptance as a celeb means satanic involvement,deep sins,homosxuality,drugs,hell's eternal fires,mind control,etc.,which is the critera for being a suscessful celeb controlled by the music industry.She needs to be a better example to her children,society as fame,name,money are not all.

  14. But other women in music industry also perform in nuderty not just her. For example tiwa savage has been seen performing much more nudity in her concerts and music video if we are to say that’s whats stifling ger music career why isnt it strifling others. women performing in scanty outfits to perform is not a new thing most especially in the west. which culture is essential being taken in all over tge world

  15. Korra Obidi is talented and a very strong Nigerian woman indeed. I started giving her , 'her flowers ' after her divorce and how she carries her beautiful children and her career along. You will never know what it takes and how it feels until you fit in on those shoes.