kam zarfa nal dil badlawa | Zahoor Ahmad Lohar | Mein Koi Logo Pagal Aan| Eid Gift 2022

kam zarfa nal dil badlawa | Zahoor Ahmad Lohar | Mein Koi Logo Pagal Aan| Eid Gift 2022

SONG : Mein Koi Logo Pagal Aan
SINGER : Zahoor Ahmad Lohar
LYRICS : Ghulam Abbas Bhalwalia
MUSIC : Abi Khan [Lahore]
PRODUCER : M Manzoor [03457601860]
MODEL : Ali Zubair & Shagufta Saleem
DOP :Johnny
EDIT : Laiby
POST : TriTones Production
PLEASE NOTE : We own all copyrights for this video,audio &lyrics action will be taken against any third party that try’s to infringe our rights

♪ Set MEIN KOI LOGO PAGAL AAN as your Caller Ring Back Tune ♫♪

UFONE : Type Get space 51229880 ; 51229879 : 51229881 and send it to 666.

Zong : Type 742379 : 742378 : 742380 and send to 230

Mobilink/Warid : Type Get space 616218 : 616217 : 616219 and send to 230

Telenor : Type Get spece send to 230

Pyar De Dhokhey Dewich Awan Mein Koi Logo Pagal Aan
Be Qadre Nal Nain Milwan Mein Koi Logo Pagal Aan

Na Koi Ithay Dhol Te Mahiya Na Koi Han Da Hanri
Sangat Saheli Yaar Te Beli Sari Kor Kahani
Majhna Agey Been Wajawan Mein Koi Logo Pagal Aan

Bina Khot De Labhda Koi Ni Sona Khas Bzari
Aj De Dor Ech Matlab Bahjho Kon Rakhenda Yari
Kam Zarfan Nal Dil Badlawan Mein Koi Logo Pagal Aan

Ishq Abbas Jado Vi Kita Sache Rab Nal Karsan
Izat Nal Mein Zinda Rahsan Fakhar De Nal Mein Marsan
Dil Vich Mein Koi Hor Waswan Mein Koi Logo Pagal Aan
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#KamZarfaNalDilBadlawa #AjDeDorEchMatlabBahjho
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  1. عشق عباس جدوں وی کیتا سچے رب نال کرساں
    عزت نال میں زندہ رہ ساں فخر نال میں مرساں
    دل وچ میں کوئی ہور وساواں ،میں کوئی لوکو پاگل آں ♥️♥️♥️

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