Lioness – Bring Em Ova (feat. Tamy Moyo) [Official Music Video]

Lioness - Bring Em Ova (feat. Tamy Moyo) [Official Music Video]


Production Company : Black Eight Originals
Writer, Director, DOP & Editor:
Dirk the director
AD :
1st AC :
Luke Geldenhuys
Make up & hair
Tanlyn Leigh
Lighting :
Silverbullet lighting
Zootee studios
Choreography/Casting Director – Caylum Hughes
Chantal De Haan
Jay Phoenix
Mandy Pooki
Abel Modise
Micheala Jacobs
Actor: Skai

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  1. DAMN..I'm really impressed I've been saying this for years our country needs more artist like this and to my nephew Caylum Hughes who done the choreography what can I say except sky's the limit my homie..proud of you and great job to all involved in the making of this vid it's really HOT..KEEP MAKING MORE TRACKS LIKE THIS ONE..WHAT A GAME CHANGER..๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  2. The Namibian views has change during this past 7years….we are eventually hitting million views now…good to see our country taking part in supporting local….this will eventually be million views

    Big up LIONESS