Peter Obi Obidents Are Lucifer 😳 | Adekunle Gold Copying Burna Boy

Peter Obi Obidents Are Lucifer 😳 | Adekunle Gold Copying Burna Boy

Peter Obi Obidents Are Lucifer 😳 | Adekunle Gold Copying Burna Boy #peterobi #adekunlegold #burnaboy

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  1. Why ?this is a security matter. This matter does not concern APC or Tinubu matter but the federal government. Baba, you just dey look one side you dey, u are very u just focus one side.

  2. FFK is minister of aviation, what has he done to improve our industry none. He still has case of embezzlement. Iam not surprised at his write up, these people are ready for war , this how far they will go to retain power. Obident has not even started, if FFK thinks PO will just pack up and leave and this country will be at the mercy of tinubu then his having nightmares. You can see the arrogance and impunity in his writing, that means we should leave Nigeria for them. This is the beginning of their problem because the youth have woken up and now we are very wide awake. Adam can you the latest fraud they bought 10 fire trucks at 12 billion Naira. That truck is even high at 6 billion, how about 12. This is what has kept this country Down, and guys like FFK still wants us to keep quiet after what we have seen now. If this gonna end in war so be it. We are not gonna let this continue

  3. Listen guys, i want us to know one thing about this men's they don't know what to do anymore because they know they have lost it completely so what did expect them to do.. that is the last thing they will do

  4. Is that anger I’ll to kill you if I hand the chance. The IGBOs ain’t desperate old man. Lol is obvious you’re confused. You don’t need to be threatened we here to expose you old fools. we all know Obi can’t hurt a fly. Stop confusing your ancestors. Nigerians don get sense now old wizards 😂

  5. What kind of dressing Burna Boy is wearing you people are still accusing another star that is wearing the same clothes made in Burna Boy clothes some of the fans does not have a job looking for people to bully

  6. Mohamed dy very stupid and jobless..very old mugu that thinks he’s smart.simply because you want to achieve your so-called Muslim/Muslim ticket.that’s why you’ll have gone daft. Nigeria needs savior not another hell with APC. I’m not talking abt tribe am talking about party that can deliver and Obi seems to be the only capable hand on deck among all we’ve seen so far.

  7. Adams you are obedience he's talking to you too why are they using APC 🤡why are you compare crucifixion of Jesus Christ useless APC🤡 government🤡 and evil the other was Lucifer in the planet hit the hallways believe To kill and to destroy 🤡 FFK IS A🤡 woman beater Nigeria politician I'm not ashamed of yourself

  8. Can you imagine federal government that couldn't say anything about mc OLUOMO open treat and wish he eventually carried it out and nothing was done to him and now the federal government are calling out an alleged audio of Peter Obi, are they being serious? Nawaoo which kind yeye country be this 😡

  9. FG are making a wrong step to involved their self in sure matter concerning obi, giving and borrowing double of the money. This is not a good news at all.