Professor Griff – Dr Khalid Muhammad Relationship & Why I Stopped Running With Him (247HH Exclusive)

Professor Griff - Dr Khalid Muhammad Relationship & Why I Stopped Running With Him (247HH Exclusive)

Official 247HH exclusive interview with Atlanta based Rapper and Spoken Word Artist Professor Griff where you’ll hear about his relationship with Khalid Muhammad and why he stopped running with him.

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  1. Negroes and niggas always favor dead warriors over living warriors, because living warriors have the ability to hold them accountable and to assign responsibilities to them.

    Dead warriors can't hold anyone accountable for anything.

    Gods always latch on to the tree rather than the fruit (regardless of how pleasant the fruit is to them), because the tree produces the fruit that they want in their life (in abundance).

    Professor Griff is a rarity among the heirs of the slave and the colonized mentality. He had achieved a level of mental freedom that very few black people possess.

  2. "Professor" Grifter is so wack. You going to give up your association with the greatest black man to ever live in favor of Farrakhan, who is selling scientology at the mosque!!?? We are living in a lost generation.

  3. In the year of 1994 February. Khalid Muhammad was on a Speaking tour in Florida..i was on Security detail. As a registered member of the Nation of Islam we had to pick him up at the Airport .Khallid Choose me to be his Driver.we went to University of Florida. For his Speaking Engagement Black History event. I was born into the Nation my father was a Menber under Elijah Muhammad during the Fallout of him and Malcolm X .so i have a long History i joined in 1991. I heard Khallid lectures and went to the local.temple and joined.After Khallid Spoke that nite at the College. Word came down Farrakhan dismissed him. I was driving and Khallid was in the Backseat . He asked me to turn the Radio on..and the news came on and confirmed his suspension. I was heart broken.i looked in the rear view mirtor i saw Khallid Breakdown crying .i kept mouth shut. But i was hurt . I was hoping Farrakhan wouldn't turn on Khalid.but he did. The Reason ? The Nation was grtting $20 Million a year from HUD To do security at HUD Apartments so Khallid had to be cut loose. Plus Farrakhan was trying to unite with the Civil Rights leaders ..the jews forced the Contracts to be cut. I also did secirity for Ice Cube .on vsrious occasions when he toured Florida .after that i stayed in the Nation but my Heart was broken .i eventually joined the NBPP IN 2005. And later became a National Figure and National.Spokesman..i was the Minister who announced the $10,000 bounty for George Zimmerman Arrested for the Murder of Trayvon Martin.after that i rose to national Recognition. so i was Privileged to Be around all of it .Minister Farrakhan is no longer teaching Elijah Muhammad Message. He has Joined forces with Scientology teaching Dianetics. It was said Khalid was against such and was against intergrating the Nation.. Farrakhan has gone off the Path ..i subscribe onky to Elijah and Khalid. I learned a lot from Khallid Muhammad. 1 of the Greatest.

  4. khalid was malcolm x 2 thats why they tried killing him and suspended him indefinitely from being speaker for the nation the jdl who are the jewish defense league threatened farrakhan thats why i dont fuck with farrakhan i dont discount his knowledge but that was cowardly

  5. Hopefully, he knows now that the majority of those demographics he named, are NOT OUR ALLIES AND DEFINITELY aren't our ACCOMPLICES in 2023🫶🏽🖤 The LITMUS test is REPARATIONS for ADOCS/FBA/OBA/FREEDMEN🫡 Trust me😏

  6. I love brotha Griff and value and understand his take on the Great Dr and brotha Khalid Mubammad may he rest in Power.. As a family whatever our issue is we should always settle that disagreement amongst ourselves.
    Dont put it out there for it to be manipulatd my the very enemy that you have speaking out against. Those agents always used simple disagreements in our black organizations and family and manipulated them to create an environment of hate to carry out a wicked deed.. Allah the great Khalid and Malcom X etc..

  7. Anyone "running with" Khalid Muhammad had to realize that life would not be long. I ain't mad at Griff for choosing life and family, for only a few will accept the calling.

  8. Victims of racism ( non white people ) should seek knowledge, wisdom, understanding, actual facts and reality. FOLLOW THOSE LEADERS! Following people has proven to be GRAVELY DANGEROUS! STUDY EVERYTHING THERE IS TO KNOW ABOUT LOUIS FARRAKHAN AND YOU WILL FIND OUT WHAT TYPE OF PERSON HE IS!