Rema On Selena Gomez, Davido, Reacts To Busy Signal Remix + New Album

Rema On Selena Gomez, Davido, Reacts To Busy Signal Remix + New Album

Artist Rema sat down with Ebro in the Morning to discuss the success of his single “Calm Down,” new project, success of Afrobeat in popular music and more.

He also discusses the trolled “beef” with Davido and discusses their relationship, how he got Selena Gomez on the remix to his hit song, reacts to a remix featuring Busy Signal for the first time, cultural differences on music between the United States and Nigeria and more.

His project ‘Rave & Roses’ is out now!

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  1. Black America can learn from African immigrants why it is important to keep a strong family structure.
    Learn from each other!
    We are one black family.
    If you doubt how important a strong family structure is in the West,just look at the Pakistani's.
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  2. Jamaican radio is very strict on “dirty” lyrics. It’s not the Jamaican government that prevents artists from traveling to perform, it’s the US/UK government thag won’t give out visas to artists with harsh lyrics.

  3. I'm Nigerian and grew up in US listening to rap and hip hop, but I was just telling some1 2day that I can't even listen to American rap and hip hop anymore cause everytime I do, I just feel a negative type of way. Hearing Rema talk about frequencies is a perfect way to put it.