Tinubu Will Be Arrested 😳 | Portable Insult Peter Obi | Falz

Tinubu Will Be Arrested 😳 | Portable Insult Peter Obi | Falz

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  1. You people don’t have sense listening to this fake pastors I swear are they prophets from God how can someone just be using charms n be lieying to you people only Almighty God Knows what is going to happen today & tomorrow just because obi didn’t won you people should stop listening to them they are evil pastors

  2. U people just dey mumu ur self 😕 who does that is it tinubu dat sat down in his own house watching d inec to announce d results is he stole ballots boxes or what nonsense it's better u 4get or find work 2do God as gave u ur president all what they're saying na campaign after election rubbish

  3. Nothing can remove Tinubu from president shit expect death 💀, even if he die his vice will be ruling, let stop dreaming OBi will bcm president now but after 8yrs he can come back and win then , this is Nigeria 🇳🇬 remember that first .

  4. Why are you angry over song for peter obi? Are you saying u have not heard the song for baba t? He's the most mock,LP should chill out
    Baba t 8yrs,gov of lag,senator he's wife senator
    Oga dey are not kid

  5. Bro let go of election,that pastor is fake,in one of he's videos he said ob will come second,but he came 3rd, wat is the big deal APC won self they are all human tins can go wrong
    99% of Nigerians cheat
    Boyfriend cheat
    Food sealer
    So that dat hell plus Yahoo boiz
    All dis rich
    Men let them come out and say dey not cheated before..a prayer of a sinner is an abomination in d site of God so let dem face d music

  6. Adams abeg no worry ur self with potable abeg u 😂😅🤣,who knws if he votes peter obi and celebrate tinubu victry with knowing,who knows if potable and naira marley are tinubu biological sons because they resemble ooh to be sincerely speaking.

  7. Pastor Chris prophesied the Same thing, yes I believe it will happen because they are two powerful man of God that have prophesied the same thing, it will come to pass I believe it's obi is our president.

  8. You people have started again. You said Buhari was dead now you no more say that. The next thing now is that your new president will be arrested. Shame on you all

  9. When someone said God spoke to him, don't take it as lie,
    God always spoke to those who don't use all their time to sleep, my prayers be say may God get this power to Obi, it is time for God to act, keep watching.

  10. Adamslink , you must be a science student back in high school. If you’re a commercial or art student , you’ll understand what government is. Tinubu don win and that’s it, nobody fit collect am for hin hand, just pray say he no go die so that the vice won’t replace him, that should be your fear. No pastor, I repeat, no pastor can predict Nigeria election. It’s Naija we talking about o , Naija

  11. The moment certain myopic minded people started making this about Yoruba and Igbo, I knew at that point, Obi would lose. Please, I urge you, STOP!!
    This is about people that want the betterment of a country. It has nothing to do with "Tribalism". The Yorubas and others, besides the Igbos, voted for Obi, because we viewed him as someone that is going to do right by our country, Nigeria, as a 'WHOLE'. Assuming Obi is elected, and he doesn't do anything right by the country in the next four years, we'll be looking to void him out as well. So you see, it's not about tribal…with that said, I urge everyone to come together, and fight for the right person, that would do the right thing, by ALL the people of Nigeria 🇳🇬. May God see us through, in Jesus name 🙏.

    Needless to say, I'm tired of the tribalistic nonsensical rubbish!

    Let's stay focused.