DJ Gentle – Amapiano Mash_Up Mixtape Ft. Umshini, Dipatje, Yahyahyah, Lamezcla, Tanzania, Numberone & Hambawena


Highly acclaimed DJ and expert in mixing music, DJ Gentle has released an outstanding music compilation called “Amapiano Mash_Up Mixtape” from Nigeria.

Furthermore, this exceptional compilation of songs features awe-inspiring tracks from renowned artists such as Umshini, Numberone, Hambawena, Lamezcla, and more.

This particular blend of music tracks is currently one of the most exceptional collections in Nigeria. It will undoubtedly keep you swaying to the rhythm, making it a top contender. You are guaranteed to revel in the experience it provides.

This captivating blend of songs is a sequel to his previous debut mixtape release, Amapiano Mash_Up Mixtape, making it a highly desirable compilation to tune in to.

Ultimately, this exceptional arrangement is a crowd-pleaser that warrants inclusion in your music lineup if you appreciate good tunes.

Listen below.



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