Davido Artist Dremo Shot | Patoranking Car Accident | Naira Marley Pendant

Davido Artist Dremo Shot | Patoranking Car Accident | Naira Marley Pendant

Davido Artist Dremo Shot | Patoranking Car Accident | Naira Marley Pendant #davido #nairamarley #patoranking

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  1. This naija blogger self, guy go through the army rules while on uniform and mofti. Nigeria Army are not restricting male officers from loving up while on uniform buh they are restricting females. No dey put up shit bro all bcuz of traffic.

  2. This there yeye law who n who knows about it? That girl better go get better for does dogs , thy don't want to marry so thy will take her by turn yeye Nigerian military way no fit slap ordinary bandits

  3. I think both the corper and soldier were carried away forgetting that rules exist. Sometimes, Love makes one do crazy things, make you loose your head in d game and forget yourself from time to time.☺ hope the army releases her. May de go about their lives I no easy to find true love ooo.

  4. Pls i don't understand u Adam,if she was wrong I can't get u right or whatever dat will get to an extent of arresting her.if she was against their rules pls.oo were so sorry, let dem have mercy and release her so she can go and enjoy her sweet lovely marriage.honestly babe dat was so sweet proposal I admire it,so cute I love it and I wish u guys d best of luck.

  5. Adams your analysis on the corp member situation isn't ok as well aware that we all are unaware of such Army laws. On one hand those low ranking officers don't even know those laws however negligence is not an excuse but let's not overblow it…

  6. Your comments missed the points. You are just of the same ideology like Nigerian useless army. Yes, she was on duty to train coppers but she wasn't expecting someone would propose to her while on duty on that very day because most of this public proposal are done as a surprise. Also, she didn't fall in love with him that particular day. They were already in love before then. Many in uniforms did similar thing but were never arrested, so why is she being made a scapegoat?

  7. My brother everything is wrong when it has to do with Nigeria. My cousin sister was engaged by her fiancé in United States Army uniform and her superiors even sent her congratulatory messages. They acts strictly on less important things meanwhile hundreds of soldiers and civilians are dying on the streets.

  8. nawah ooo which kind stupid army be that white people that their army is better 1000times to Nigeria armys do lots of surprises in uniform talkless of useless Nigeria army, see Adams you nah naija local you be ooo so try watch army surprises in uniform on YouTube you will see how white people surprises wife,girlfriend's, children and family wetin be naija army that uses 1830 gun to white people that's got everything in control sometimes l just lmahine what's you doing in blogging joor

  9. What kind of country is that Nigeria, here in America we have seen people in uniform propose publicly, they even use police on duty to make the proposals publicly

  10. Adam I like you normally with everything you do on social media but this time around with this army girl that got engaged and they arrested her, how is it her fault that a man engaged her with her uniform? You know sometimes Nigerians don’t do things right. And you are supporting those military officers who are saying she did something wrong. In other parts of the world it doesn’t matter if your wearing uniform or not you can still fall in love. So please don’t be against that lady and don’t say those things about her, that the army is right because they aren’t.